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April 13, 2014


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Post-High School Ed: Are we doing all we can to help our workforce?



There are many students and adults who don’t go to a four-year college, but are out in the workforce looking for a job or seeking to get a better one. How do they get the education they need to find a job or move up in the work world? We talk to an education expert about how all education doesn’t come from school learning; how many students and workers are perceived as not having enough intelligence to do well in a post-secondary school, despite other types of skills they have; and how community colleges and others are striving to help these adults learn, despite budget cuts and a lack of other resources. We also discuss what organizations and business can do to create a better workforce in the future.

Internet Privacy: The price we pay for digital convenience



It seems you can’t get away from email spam, Internet scams and companies using your online purchases and web browsing to badger you with shopping opportunities. Every time you sign up for a blog or make a purchase, you are inundated with unwanted – and sometimes dangerous – intrusions into your personal and private information. We talk to a journalist who has tried to erase her digital footprint, and an attorney who deals with online privacy about the issue. We discuss ways you can get rid of some third parties who spy on your online activities, learn about better password protection, and find out why we are probably never going to be able to rid ourselves of all snooping in the future.

Featured guest:
Featured guests:



Julia Angwin, award-winning journalist, author of “Dragnet Nation: A quest for privacy, security and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance,” (

Mike Roseprofessor at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, author of the book, “Why School? Reclaiming education for all of us,” (


William Kling, adjunct professor of law, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois at

Chicago School of Public Health, (

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